I write, mostly about sports. At its best, my writing is engaging, witty, and smart. At its worst, my writing is SMRRRRRGGgggg@$!#$

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The SunBreak

Eddie Vedder and Dave Grohl Play Surprise Encore at Mike Watt ...

Grunge lives! Eddie Vedder, Dave Grohl, and Pat Smear joined Mike Watt and his band for an encore tonight at the Triple Door. It was the second encore. Confidential to the people who left at the end of Watt's set of rock opera: You are bad at life.

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I Bought My Ticket But The Game Was Gone: Pearl Jam And The ...

If you were going to pick a day to be a fly on the wall, you could do a lot worse than Oct. 8, 1990, in the dank downtown Seattle basement-cum-rehearsal space where Eddie Vedder, having arrived on a plane from California that morning, sang with Pearl Jam for the first time. Crazy thing is:


Mid-Summer Deep Breath: The Case for Keeping Jack Z.

The only question of import surrounding your Seattle Mariners baseball team right now is this: Should general manager Jack Zduriencik be fired?
The Mariners hired Zduriencik in October 2008, and taske...

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The SunBreak

We Have No Team, But Seattle is the NBA's Most Fertile Training ...

When Garfield High grad Will Conroy joined the Houston Rockets last month, he became the ninth player from a Seattle high school to play for an NBA team this season. This from the 25th largest city in America. Started me wondering–where does Seattle rank as far as sending players to the NBA? The answer: second. Only Chicago (13) has had more players go from city high schools to the League. Amazing in itself, but even more striking when you look at the numbers by population. There, 206 fertility becomes even more clear. Graph!   That’s right–among large cities, Seattle is [...]

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The King' s Court - Grantland

The Seattle Mariners liven up the ballpark with a Felix Hernandez cheering section.

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The SunBreak

Friday Night Lights in Small-Town Washington

Last Friday night, while you were enjoying your wine bar or experimental theater or ginormous music festival, I went in search of the pleasures of small-town America: A Friday night high school rivalr...

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The SunBreak

Marshawn Lynch's Game-Saving Shimmy | The SunBreak

Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, auteur of the most exciting run in team history, today busted out the sickest juke this Hawks fan has ever seen. The play not only left one of the NFL's greate...

The SunBreak

Do the Seahawks Have a Top Secret Motto? | The SunBreak

The keenest observers of NFL football--Vegas oddsmakers--were so repulsed by the Seahawks' performance, they've made them the biggest underdogs in the NFL this week: The Hawks are 15-1/2 point unde...

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The SunBreak

Do You Make More Than a Seattle Sounder? | The SunBreak

For some comparison, the minimum salary in Major League Baseball is $414,000. The minimum NFL salary is $325,000. Five Sounders will make just $32,604 in 2011. Roger Levesque, who has scored some o...

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The SunBreak

Garfield and Woodinville Perform Annual Basketball “Game” | The ...

The high schools of the Seattle/Eastside Kingco League have this strange ritual, which future anthropologists will struggle to understand. In the fall, the Eastsiders destroy the Seattleites in foo...

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The SunBreak

Glad Company: Mary Poppins' Outrageous Sets and Delirious ...

A Seattle stage will hold 11,000 pounds over the next few weeks. No, I'm not talking about Sinbad's appearance at the Emerald Queen. Instead I refer to the main set for the national tour of Mary Po...

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The SunBreak

Grudge Match It's Not, But Seattle vs. UW Basketball Should Be Fun ...

If you want an idea of just how fierce the basketball rivalry between the University of Washington and Seattle University has gotten, know that this morning, on the day of the game between the two ...

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The SunBreak

Husky Quarterback Keith Price Feels Neither Pain Nor Pressure ...

Price may not be better than Locker, but he's sure playing like it. Last week’s Husky game against Nebraska provided an interesting chance for comparison. The Huskies played Nebraska twice last sea...

The SunBreak

Late Husky Legend Ron Holmes' Greatest Play | The SunBreak

Ron Holmes, who may have been the greatest defensive player in Washington football history, died at age 48 on Thursday. A high school basketball star who was recruited as a linebacker, Holmes retai...